Brand Therapy

I’m so excited for this particular session because it was inspired by one of my first offers that I had for my very first business. My first business was a studio called DoLLup Studio where I would do makeup, hair get all dolled up, have conversations about goals and aspirations and then we celebrate it by doing an alter ego photo shoot styled and creative directed by me. The highly requested sessions is when I realized that I love listening to people’s stories, seeing transformations, and seeing others celebrate themselves.

In this session, I want to bring back this offer back for a limited slot only with my team of makeup artists, hair stylists, stylist, photographers, even videographers to create the visual representation of your ultimate power brand.

We will chat about your vision, goals, and where you aspire to be and we will create and celebrate just that!
You have to become what you want to be.

This is me!

Get stunning headshots that highlight your personal power and show your best side! Suitable for use on your portfolio, LinkedIn, auditions, you name it!

Story teller

Tell your brand story with compelling portraits that show you in your element. Both studio shoots and shoots in your workplace are available!

Alter Ego

There’s no confidence booster quite like doing a photoshoot session of what your alter ego would look like! Have fun and expand your personal brand with a walk on the wild side.

Art Therapy Session

When you get your creative juices, everything else seems to fall into place. Jumpstart your ideas and protect your entrepreneurial mental health with this fun shoot! Let’s get artsy and see what we can create!