Allow me to invite you to an experience where you can thrive as a




Get ready for the life changing experience you never knew you needed!

Did you know...

that currently, there are more opportunities than ever to make money?

If you are not thriving right now, you are using old ideas or using old thinking when there are new options and possibilities.

There is something that is blocking you from getting where you want to be!

Currently you ...

  • are facing challenges at work that makes it difficult for you to stay
  • feel stuck, stressed and overworked
  • want to start your dream business but you feel helpless and overwhelmed
  • have a desire to create multiple sources of income but you don’t know where to start
  • need new ways to use money to make more money

If you don’t figure out what options and possibilities exist to get yourself out of this situation, then your life will forever be limited or even worse you will be forced into a lower quality of life.

Consider this... The pandemic has been great for you!

Which means ...

  • this is the perfect time to create wealth
  • what better time to develop yourself
  • You can be the solution that people have been looking for
  • It it crucial for you to take action now

The pandemic is an opportunity for you to thrive. Many successful millionaires and entrepreneurs were made during difficult times. Every adversity is an opportunity for personal growth!

Don't miss this opportunity to learn exactly what actions you can take to create the abundance you are seeking.

Be a part of something truly amazing! Join The Thrive Conference presented by The CEO Circuit TODAY!

At this event, you will...

  • be able to see possibilities you were not aware of
  • gain access to a community that will elevate your quality of life to the level that you dream of
  • discover key information and solutions to unlock new options that you didn't have before
  • be motivated to make your next life changing move

Don't take our word for it. Here's what our past attendees experienced.

Be in the room to BE INSPIRED

Be in the room to EXPERIENCE A SHIFT

Be in the room to BE TRANSFORMED

Be in the room and START THRIVING by doing what YOU are MEANT to do!

Shift from thinking to DOING!
Shift from stuck, or even drowning, to THRIVING!

Meet your Shift Igniters
The CEO Circuit Speakers

A team of Serial Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Coaches



“Do what you want, when you want without limits”

Eric Eve



“You will live the life that you have desired to live”

Carlos V Spencer


“When problems show up, opportunity knocks! Be present and answer the door”

Dee Azlan



“Nothing changed but my perspective. But everything changed”

Obinna Ndu

Ignite the shift to living like you never have before. We look forward to seeing you!

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